As I mentioned in my profile, I am a runner.   I began running in the late 1990s, progressing very slowly from 10 minutes, to 5k and then to 10k. I ran my first Half Marathon in 2004 and eventually fulfilled my ambition to run a full marathon quite a few years later in 2011 – although anyone who has ever tried to enter London will know that getting in is not easy!

I thought I’d share this update, as if you are considering contacting me to support your B2B marketing efforts, then it always helps to get to know a little bit about the person behind the marketing qualifications and experience that you may be working with.

On Sunday, 5th July I completed the Bassingbourn Half Marathon.  I selected this particular race as it’s very close to my home town, and it was a scenic route through the villages.

I’m not the fastest but do have some determination, so despite not following my training plan as well as I could or should have,  I managed to do the 13.1 mile distance without stopping and crossed the finishing line in 2hrs, 6 minutes and 38 seconds.   Next stop, the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday, 21st October – hopefully with a faster time and a better photograph to share with you!

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