For almost two years, The Marketing Lady & Co has been providing B2B marketing services to Barnes International, a small team but leading player in the card & payment test tools space. Based in Petersfield, UK, Barnes Chip & PIN (EMV) test tools serve financial institutions and card manufacturers in over 600 locations worldwide.

The Need for a New Website

The existing website was 5 years old and didn’t meet the requirements of the increasing number of visitors looking at the website via tablets and mobiles.  It was also built in a system which needed to be maintained by in-house software engineers.  In addition to the technical requirements,  a review of the brand messaging was required to ensure the company’s leading market position was clear – particularly as 2015 is a significant year in the industry’s history with the US mandated to migrate their bank cards to chip. With that in mind, Barnes Managing Director Brian Summerhayes tasked Katrina at The Marketing Lady & Co to develop a new website, which fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Clear positioning of Barnes market leadership
  • Clear articulation of Barnes products and services, and industries served
  • Fully responsive for PCs, tablets and mobile visitors
  • Easy navigation for visitors coming from different industries
  • Strong call-to-action to contact the Barnes team
  • Maintained in-house by marketing team with custom-built wordpress CMS

Project Management and Delivery

For this project, Web Agency Figaro Brands were selected to support the team.  Since they had previously worked with Barnes on a re-brand project and had in fact built the existing website, they had a good understanding of Barnes business, brand messaging and were the obvious choice to support this particular project.

Before design could begin, the existing Barnes website was evaluated in a workshop with Barnes and the Figaro team to understand the needs and navigational path of potential visitors.  From there, The Marketing Lady drafted the site map and rewrote all of the copy before handing it over to Figaro to work their magic on the design and development of the wordpress website with full CMS functionality.

The website was delivered in December 2014, and feedback internally and from clients has been very positive.

Client Feedback

Brian says “The website relaunch was our major marketing project for 2014 and of strategic importance for the years ahead with the opening up of new markets in the US and across South America, Asia and Africa, which represent significant growth opportunities for Barnes International.  We wanted to ensure our website was mobile friendly, and that our leading market position and brand message were very clear for new visitors approaching EMV and Barnes for the first time.  The website clearly fulfils that objective and I am delighted with the result, and look forward to Katrina delivering other language versions next year”

On working with The Marketing Lady & Co, Brian added “Katrina has been supporting us now since October 2013, and slotted into our team with ease.  As well as special projects such as the website, she manages our global events programme and has helped us to increase their effectiveness ensuring we are not only fully prepared for each event, but systematically follow-up too.  Our team travels extensively to meet with clients worldwide and have little time in the office, therefore it’s a great relief to know that Katrina is taking care of our marketing requirements”

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