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The Marketing Lady offers freelance b2b marketing support to organisations who are not currently in a position to employ a full-time marketing manager, or who simply need an extra pair of expert hands for a specific project. The Marketing Lady's extensive international b2b experience and hands-on approach will bring a fresh perspective to your marketing operations and deliver fast and effective results. If that sounds like what your business is looking for, please do get in touch.

Benefits of a freelance marketing manager

Just some of the reasons to work with The Marketing Lady & Co


Part-time, outsourced, project-based - call us what you will. We happily work to a variety of different names and business models to suit your requirements, timescales and budget.

Fast results

With our extensive international B2B experience, we will quickly assess your needs and manage activities to deliver fast and effective results.

Seamless service

We are well connected and manage relationships with all third party suppliers and marketing domain experts to offer you a complete marketing service.

Fresh Ideas

We will bring a fresh perspective to your business, with campaign ideas which are well evaluated, expertly managed and closely measured to meet your goals.

Instant delivery

We know how to build and implement marketing plans. You can immediately leave us to work our marketing magic whilst you focus on other important matters.

Service with a smile

We love what we do and will put our heart and soul into delivering the best results for you ... and of course, we will keep smiling throughout.

B2B Marketing Expertise

Areas of expertise to help you achieve your business objectives


Your brands sits at the heart of all your marketing activities.  It represents your visual identity, your message and your tone of voice. It is what makes you unique and sets you apart from your competitors in the eyes of your customers and prospects.  Ultimately it influences the decisions your buyers make – and whether they will choose to partner with you or not.

If it’s been a while since you took a look at your brand, it could well be time for a refresh.

# Is your message still appropriate in today’s market?
# Is your logo looking tired and worn?
# Do you stand out from your competition?
# Are your customers loyal and do they act as brand ambassadors?
# Do people talk positively about you on social media?

If you have concerns about your answers to these questions, please do get in touch.

We will work with you to get your brand firing on all cylinders.

Our services include:

# a competitor analysis
# evaluation of your target market
# defining your USPs and positioning
# visual design of your brand
# development of brand guidelines
# roll out of your  brand across corporate & marketing assets

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the way you share your expertise with your audience in a manner which engages and informs. It is fast becoming the most important element of a b2b marketing plan.

Business to business content should address industry developments, issues and trends.  By sharing nuggets of valuable information in various formats, you demonstrate the depth of your domain knowledge and position yourself as a credible business partner.

Content takes many forms including research, white papers, infographics, newsletters, blogs and video. It is closely tied into your lead generation and social media strategy.

To be effective, content marketing involves analysis, evaluation and planning.  The following are some of the considerations that need addressing in your content marketing strategy:

# Audience – Who is your content targeted at? What are the issues you are hoping to address?  Are there different audiences with different needs
# Message – What do you want to tell the reader? What is the call to action?
# Author – Do you have someone in-house who has the time and knowledge to create your raw content, or is this something you may need to outsource?
# Budget – How is your budget? Strategic content may need investment in primary research;   an infographic  will need a designer; a blog may need a ghost-writer.
# Format – What is the best format for what you want to share? Can you repurpose your content into various formats (report, infographic, blog & tweet, for example?
# Schedule – What are the timelines and frequency? Does the content support offline activities such as a tradeshow; if so, how does that effect the schedule?
# Distribute – What is the most appropriate channel (email, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)?  Which “watering holes” do your target audience visit
# Measure – How will you know when your content has been effective? What are your key metrics?

As you can see, there is a lot more to content marketing than just posting the occasional blog and sending out a couple of tweets.  If you don’t have the time or resources to implement an effective content marketing strategy, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which we can support you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a low-cost and effective form of communication if implemented correctly.  It provides an easy way for you to keep in touch with customers and prospects.

Campaigns can include event invitations,  sharing new content, announcing new customers and portfolio developments,  or simply sending festive greetings. But emails are easily to delete and sadly the majority will go unread.

So what steps can you take to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns?

Some of the requirements for success include:

# a quality database – preferably built in-house and not bought.
# a strong call to action – what do you want the reader to do?
# a well-crafted and tested message – why should they do what you want them to?
# a professional design – consistent with your brand.
# an email automation tool – allows you to send and track email responses.
# timely follow-up – a courtesy call closes the loop and helps move prospects through the lead funnel.

If you want to improve the ROI of your email activity and increase your open rates, contact us.

Our services include:

# database building & segmentation
# email template design
# copy writing of emails & newsletters
# distribution of email campaigns
# response management
# database maintenance
# analysis & reporting on campaign performance

Event Marketing & Management

Events are a core part of the business-to-business marketing plan, and we have vast experience of managing them.  Our events experience includes webinars, exhibitions, seminars, training programmes and user conferences, and these have been organised from the UK and delivered all over the world.

There is no stone we leave unturned to ensure your event delivers on your objectives, and your customer and prospect engagement is first class.

Our services include:

# event planning, management and budgeting
# correspondence with conference producers
# venue sourcing for independent events
# negotiation with and management of all suppliers
# exhibition stand design and build-up
# event promotions, such as prize draws and competitions
# management of all collateral and sales literature
# event-specific PR
# delegate acquisition and scheduling of meetings
# client entertainment
# sourcing of gifts and give-aways
# personnel briefing
# social media
# post event review and recommendations
# post event lead tracking and ROI evaluation

Lead Generation

Our marketing journey began long before  “social” and “content” marketing were even invented. Our first steps were taken building marketing communication campaigns involving  database segmentation, telemarketing, email marketing and events.   These more traditional forms of lead generation still have a vital role to play today in generating brand awareness and new business.

We understand what it takes to generate quality sales leads.

We can devise strategies to acquire leads, and nurture them through the lead funnel, handing them over to your sales people for follow-up when they are ready.

We also understand the importance of a well-maintained database, segmented appropriately so the right people get the right message.  If you are worried about the age and quality of your database, we can look at that too.

Our services include:

# database management & maintenance
# telemarketing campaigns
# email & marketing automation campaigns
# social media & content marketing campaigns
# event management
# lead management

Public Relations

Public Relations is playing an increasingly important role in today’s digital world, where keyword rich press releases are used to enhance SEO performance. And let’s not forget the offline world, where personal engagement with key influencers could help your marketing budget and effectiveness reach far beyond costly advertising.

Every company has a unique story to tell about developments in their portfolio and successes with their customers. Also, as a leader in your field we are sure you have a strong point of view about industry developments. We can help you tell your stories in an engaging manner and get your viewpoint published.

We can work with your clients to build case studies, and develop award nominations to get you the recognition you deserve.

Our services include:

# development of your PR strategy
# identification of your target media and analysts
# building press kits and fact sheets
# writing and distributing SEO-friendly press releases
# monitoring and valuing press coverage
# forward feature monitoring
# management of editorials and advertorials
# co-ordination of press interviews and briefings
# organisation of photo shoots
# preparation of case studies
# identification of awards
# preparation and submission of award nominations

Social Media Marketing

It doesn’t matter what size of company you are or what you are offering, the truth of the matter is that you simply can’t afford to ignore social media. It’s where your customers, prospects and competitors now convene to “like”, “share” or “comment” on the latest industry developments.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and so on – the channels are numerous and ever growing. Social media marketing can be extremely time consuming, and most businesses will not make a positive impact on their chosen metrics if they attempt to target all channels. Our advice to you is focus on one or two channels, and do them well.

So, just how do you do social media marketing well?

We can help you develop an engaging social media strategy. Our services aim to ensure this influential programme delivers a tangible benefit to your business.

We will:

# Evaluate the most appropriate channels for your business
# Create your online profiles
# Connect with your target audience
# Build a relevant following
# Listen and join the conversation
# Distribute “shareable” campaign content
# Integrate with lead generation and content campaigns
# Measure key metrics
# Train your team on best practise

Strategy Development

It’s not unusual for some clients to come to us with a blank sheet of paper. They know they need marketing, because marketing means more business. Beyond that they need guidance on the most appropriate marketing strategy for them.

And that is just the type of project we love to get involved in.

Starting from the very beginning of the process, we can  help you to understand the role marketing can play in supporting your business, and develop and deliver a clear strategy and action plan to ensure objectives are met.

Our services include:

# auditing your current situation
# understanding your competitors and their USPs
# identifying your customers segments and their needs
# setting your marketing objectives
# developing appropriate messages
# choosing the right channels for your message and your audience
# developing a tactical communication plan, with timescales and budgets
# establishing control mechanisms to measure campaign effectiveness and to ensure objectives are met

Website Design and Development

Your website is undoubtedly your most important marketing asset. It is where your prospective customers will go to find out about your offerings before they pick up the phone or email you.  It must leave the best possible first impression.

But does it?

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself to assess if it’s time to give your website a refresh:

  1. Is your website lead generating?
  2. How long do your visitors spend on your website?
  3. Do they bounce (look at one page only)?
  4. Is your website responsive (adapts layout for PC, tablet and mobile browsing)?
  5. Could your website be losing you business?

If the answers to these questions cause you some concern, we can help turn your website around and get it working harder for you to deliver real business results.

Our services include:

# development of your online marketing strategy
# content, lead gen and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audit
# responsive web design and development
# website maintenance
# SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns
# visitor tracking and reporting on web performance

B2B Marketing Experience

Developed over 20 years working for international technology companies & consultancies

Introducing The Marketing Lady

A 5 ft 2 powerhouse of marketing energy with enough left over for the occasional marathon (race not chocolate bar)

Katrina Dixon

Katrina Dixon

I am a business to business (b2b) marketing consultant with almost 20 years experience working for technology companies and consultancies. My experience has mostly been built through international b2b marketing management roles in the fintech, telecoms and manufacturing verticals.  If you operate in a different sector, don’t let that stop you getting in touch as I’ve proved time and time again that the fundamentals of marketing best practise are transferable.

If you have been in the technology sector as long as I have, you will know what happens when the economy is not fairing so well. As I have discovered, for a marketer these can be  vulnerable times. After the last unplanned curtailment of my career, I decided to turn things on their head and so The Marketing Lady was formed.

Regardless of the economic conditions, every company still needs marketing.  The Marketing Lady is here to serve you when you are growing and need extra support in your existing marketing department. Or if you don’t yet have the requirement for a full-time marketing manager, I can fill that role for you.  Conversely, if you find yourself unfortunately needing to downsize, I can provide the cost and headcount flexibility you need until you are ready to recruit a full-time marketing resource again.

As your freelance Marketing Manager, I will take responsibility for delivering against all or the required part of your marketing plan.   No marketing manager stands alone, and I can either bring on-board trusted marketing domain experts, or work with your existing vendors.

Outside of the office, my main passion is running. I’m generally training for some half-marathon, or crazier still full marathon!   It is what keeps me physically fit and mentally sane.

So, if you like the  sound of what you have read, please get in touch. Since your requirements are unique and the marketing possibilities limitless, we can discuss exactly how The Marketing Lady can make the impact you need to achieve your business objectives.

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